Market Your Doula Business: Your Unique Difference

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  Marketing does not need to be a dog eats dog world, and it doesn’t have to be all about price wars.  In this video, we discuss how you can find what makes you unique and use that to sell … Read More

How to Increase Oxygenation to the Placenta

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The placenta acts as a transport for the infant’s nutritional and oxygen needs.  Sometimes a baby can get by okay if the placenta is not functioning well during pregnancy. However, during labor, a dysfunctional placenta can cause problems that may … Read More

Natural Induction Methods: Sex

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Sex for the Induction of Labor Why it may work: It is not the intercourse that causes contractions, but the hormones that help with labor induction.  Semen has the highest levels of naturally occurring prostaglandins.  Prostaglandin is the same hormone we use to … Read More

3 Ways to Prevent Doula Burnout

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The doula profession is more than performing a job and going home. It takes a level of passion to be successful at it. Any profession that involves passion and high levels of compassion, has a  risk for burnout.  Some of us … Read More

Prepare Your Body for Labor by Correct Alignment

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Alignment is key in keeping both pelvic stability and muscles tension where is should be during pregnancy and birth.  With correct alignment the muscles that need to be stretched are stretched and the muscles that need to be strengthened are … Read More

Prepare Your Body for Labor by Increasing Pelvic Stability

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Pelvic stability is also a factor that needs to be taken into account when discussing pelvic space and mobility.  When certain muscles are not being used and have lost their strength, other joints, ligaments, or muscles have to take over … Read More

Prepare your Body for Labor by Decreasing Muscle Tension

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A large part of providing labor support for women comes before labor even starts. The role of a doula includes providing information to help women understand their choices and prepare them for childbirth.  An important topic to cover prior to … Read More

All women should have access to doula care

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The biggest news from ACOG’s latest Committee Opinion, was that women should have access to continuous labor support, professionally called a doula.  This does not surprise many who have been following the trail of research since the 1990’s.  They cite … Read More

Doulas and Nurses Working Together

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Doulas and Nurses Working Together Collaboration is an important part of a client’s healthcare experience during birth. One of the first steps for better collaboration involves working together as a birth team to clarify one another’s roles and what everyone … Read More

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