Models of Care in Birth Experiences
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Our former and current students are some of the greatest minds, and sometimes the assignments they submit are too good not to share. Here is one assignment turned in by Greta Slabach. The assignment is covering Models of Care in … Read More

Emotional Support as Pain Relief
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In the current situation of Covid-19, doulas are switching to supporting their clients remotely instead of in-person. This switch from physical aid does not negate the validity of providing emotional support for laboring women by doulas. Emotional support is a … Read More

Supporting Women who are Shaking During Labor
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Shaking during labor can be common. This video provides a quick look at when it happens, what may cause it, and how you help support a women who is experiencing the shivers during labor. References: Shivering and shivering-like tremor during … Read More

Using Affirmations During Labor
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Positive affirmations are short, positive statements that can be used during labor by the mother or the support person as a way of creating a positive attitude toward birth and labor pain. Sometimes negative thoughts hinder the body from progressing … Read More

All women should have access to doula care
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The biggest news from ACOG’s latest Committee Opinion, was that women should have access to continuous labor support, professionally called a doula.  This does not surprise many who have been following the trail of research since the 1990’s.  They cite … Read More

Case Study: How Doulas Can Adapt for Successful Remote Birth Support
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Louise Johnson was preparing to assist as a doula when the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically shifted hospital requirements for childbirth. New limits were placed that allowed only one (1) support person in the room with the birth mother. This happend just … Read More