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Holistic Care

Compassion in Action through complete support.

Research Driven

Learn from scholarly studies to create optimal results.


Understand through open dialogue with birth team.

Assessment Skills

Discover your client’s real needs, wants, and challenges.

1-on-1 Coaching

Support along your journey as you learn essential doula skills.

Community Focused

Become a local resource, find new clients where you are.

Why Do Our Students Love
New Beginnings Doula Training?

Jodi Wright

Virginia, USA
“I loved New Beginnings because it gave me a solid foundation which prepared me to provide exceptional doula support for pregnant and laboring mothers.”

Sunni Petrakis

Ontario, Canada
“For the last ten months, I have dedicated my life to my daughter’s future and my education… Today, I wake up and can say I am a Certified Doula.”

Yasmin Abuyed

Dubai, EAU
“What drove me to do this course was seeing a need for more information for women and their options. It takes a lot of research to find decent information.”

Sherri Peeler

Pennsylvania, USA
“I was very blessed to have found New Beginnings when I was choosing to become a certified Birth Doula. I feel that I was very prepared to be a doula through this program.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does New Beginnings offer doula certification?

Yes, you will be certified through New Beginnings Childbirth Service. Doulas are not medically trained personnel. Consequently, certification is not required to work as a doula. However, certification through New Beginnings Doula Training demonstrates your commitment to preparation and research-based education.

Why should I get certified as a doula?

You can learn a lot on your own by only attending births. However, as in any field of study, knowledge is power. New Beginnings Doula Training is for those seeking comprehensive preparation in understanding the full scope of the birthing experience. It is also for those who are curious what a doula can do to assist families who experience it.

Are there any additional costs after I register for doula certification?

The cost for registration is only $30. The minimum cost for doula certification is a total of $90 or 3 months subscription if the coursework is completed in less than 3 months. This means that if a student completes training in one month, they must pay an additional $60 to receive their certificate. If they complete training in two months, they will need to pay an additional $30 for their certificate. Students who complete training in more than 3 months only pay $30 per month until they finish the certification requirements. In addition, there are the two books required to complete the course (Approximately $30 USD). There are also additional books that you may want to purchase as a part of your course studies, but those are optional.

I just signed up for my certification, now what?

We have an automated registration process. Once you submit payment via PayPal, you should immediately receive an email at the email address connected to the PayPal account used to pay for your registration. That email will contain further instructions on how to complete the registration process. If a registration email doesn’t show up in your email inbox moments after making payment via PayPal, then check your spam or junk folders. The email will be sent from office{at}trainingdoulas[dot]com. If the email address associated with your PayPal account is no longer active, then contact us. We will have received notice of your payment on our end, and can re-generate the registration email and send it to a valid email address upon request.

If doulas are non-medical labor support, then why does this training contain so much medical information?

New Beginnings Doula Training is designed to make the care that doulas provide available to as many women as possible. Notice the difference. The objective is not to train as many doulas as possible; with New Beginnings you are trained to serve as many expectant mothers as possible. With the vast majority of births being performed in hospitals, training on how to navigate within a medical environment is essential to your success as a doula.

How long does it take to complete the certification requirements?

There is no time limit on how long you have to complete your training. Conversely, there is also no time minimum. Based on past student performances, it is estimate that all course work and practice take between 150 – 200 hours. Ideally, the certification requirements are set up so that they can be completed in a six to nine month time frame, but realistically it is anticipated that the course can be completed over the span of one year. Students with a background in nursing or other birth-related professions often find that they are able to complete their training in a shorter time frame.

Will I receive a print certificate at the end of this course?

Starting in February 2018, we began issuing exclusively digital certificates for doula training. In connection with this shift, we also now publish all certified doulas to our online alumni directory. You will receive a digital (high-resolution, print quality) copy of your certificate in PDF format upon completion of all training requirements.

Is New Beginnings Doula Training valid where I live?

New Beginnings Doula Training operates from a home office in Missouri, USA, and extends its services globally, providing accessible training to clients with an internet connection. While our reach is worldwide, we are committed to staying informed about the specific standards for doula certification in various regions. For example, in the United States, we understand that these standards are crucial for determining eligibility for Medicaid reimbursement in certain states. As part of our dedication to our students’ success, we are actively working to ensure that our company remains up-to-date and compliant with all relevant regulations. By doing so, we aim to empower our students with the knowledge and certification needed to seek government-sponsored reimbursement, if desired. For the latest updates on our compliance efforts and the evolving doula laws, please visit our website at

Do I need to have a high school diploma or GED to take this course?

No, there are no educational prerequisites for enrolling in our certification program. Whether you are still in high school or never completed your high school education or the GED equivalent, you are welcome to register for our training program. Please note that our program is a reading-intensive program including college-level, research-based medical papers. As such, the program may or may not be suited to your particular style of learning.

Is there a minimum age requirement?

No, there is no minimum age requirement for enrollment in our training program. Several teenagers have competed our certification requirements. For those who figure out early that working with birth is what they want to do, our training offers a great first step into the world of birth.
On the flip side, several grandmothers have completed our training!

Is this certification course recognized by DONA?

No, New Beginnings Doula Training is an independent training organization and is one of the pioneers in online doula certification. DONA functions in something of a franchise model, giving other trainers permission to use their training materials and certify under their brand name. Certification through DONA is not necessary to work as a doula.

Is your training compatible with other certification programs?

Typically not. Because our curriculum is heavily research-based, the assignments and exercises performed while training with New Beginnings vary enough from other training programs to not be considered compatible. However, prior training from other workshops or organizations may help you be more familiar with concepts presented in our training, and thus shorten the amount of time required to study in our program. All assignments must be submitted to demonstrate competency in the topics covered.