Sunni Petrakis

For the last ten months, I have dedicated my life to my daughter’s future and my education. I’ve stayed up until 3am doing homework, even though she wakes up at 8, I’ve suffered massive amounts of sleep deprivation, I’ve networked, … Read More

Amy Rollogas

I began my journey into birth work as a Childbirth Educator. I had been teaching for nearly 7 years when I decided to become a doula. I had been to a doula workshop years prior with my birth education certifying … Read More

Sherri Peeler

I was very blessed to have found New Beginnings Doula Training when I was choosing to become a certified Birth Doula. I feel that I was very prepared to be a doula through this program. I thoroughly enjoyed every class. … Read More

Shalynne Addison

I had the best experience with New Beginnings. I am a mother of four children and did most of my coursework during my own pregnancy – I received my certification just a few weeks after the birth of my fourth … Read More

Lydia Lindsey

I loved working with New Beginnings Doula Training! You worked at your own pace and had two years to complete it. I loved the skills I learned, and how to better work with growing families!

Corinne Angell

I loved that there was so much information available, and doing community and research projects, as well as working with clients… It was perfect, as I had up to 2 years to complete it.

Jodi Jones

I loved the New Beginnings birth doula certification program because it really gave me a solid foundation of education which prepared me to provide exceptional doula support for pregnant and laboring mothers. The required skills helped me learn through experience … Read More

Joy Rilling

I loved training as a doula thru New Beginnings! Their program is very thorough and informative. I loved everything about it, but mostly learning many medical terms and conditions that can occur during pregnancy and delivery, enabling me to be … Read More