Become a doula through….

Holistic Care


Become a doula by providing holistic care.  Doulas provide for the full range (emotional, social, esteem, and physical) needs that a birthing woman and her family experiences during the birthing process. This allows your compassion to take flight.

Become a doula through compassionate holistic care
Research Driven


Research supports improved results in birth with the presence of a trained doula as a part of the birth team. Evidence-based care is a driving principle in your training to learn best practices of labor support.  This earns the respect of peers and medical personnel.

Reseach-driven training equals respect.


When doctors, midwives, nurses, and doulas communicate openly about a woman’s needs during labor, outcomes improve. Being able to communicate comfortably in any environment (especially a medical one) is key for the doula to confidently complete their work.

Communication in childbirth bring confidence.
Assessment Skills


Hand-in-hand with holistic care comes the ability to identify the specific and wide-ranging needs of an expectant mother. Knowing what to look for and when to look for it is at the core of effective assessment.  Your value will be recognized as you implement your newly learned skills and education.

Assessments skills are valuable in the work of a doula.
1-on-1 Coaching


We’ve been where you’re going. The journey into the world of birth can be a daunting step forward. With New Beginnings, you’re not alone in the process of becoming a doula.

Feel Supported with 1-on-1 student coaching as a part of your training.
Community Focus


As a doula you can fill a critical gap in childbirth care and support in the local community where you reside. Your certification will help you become a resource for childbirth information. This also leads to increased opportunities for finding new clients and being a valued part of the birth team.

Community-focused efforts lead to connection.

Home Birth in Birting Tub with a Doula and Family Nearby