A Library for Childbirth Courses and Pregnancy Support

Doula Supporting Birth Family ©Mamarazzi Photography

Mother and Baby Support

Prepare for your special day by gaining deeper understanding into what birthing support and options are available to you. The Childbirth Library features the very training materials and support articles that we use to prepare and certify our doula students in professional birth support skills. Learn what childbirth can be.

Support for Friends and Family

Want to provide support for your family member or friend during childbirth? You can learn basic birthing support skills and best practices backed by research. Learning what you don’t know not only strengthens you and your loved ones, but can help give you confidence working with other trained members of the birth team.

Childbirth Professional Resources

Birth professionals have a constant need for continuing education to keep their skills sharp and their knowledge base ever growing. Whether you are a trained doula, registered nurse, or any other birth-related professional, our constantly updated library of birth related learning materials will help you to continue to improve your skills in childbirth.

Library Access

Access to all materials within the childbirth library is available at a simple monthly rate of $10/USD .