The content for New Beginnings Doula Training’s birth doula certification program is broken up into three (3) courses of study with a birth packet for two (2) births that is submitted at the end of training.

Doula Foundations

The doula foundations or “main course” is where the heart of the New Beginnings approach to doula care is presented. It is broken down into five (5) main units and addresses the following topics in detail:

  • Introduction into doulas and labor support
  • Communicating with the medical world
  • Introduction into the nursing process, needs assessment and the initial interview
  • Needs identification for doulas and introduction into Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
  • Anxiety and stress response
  • Pain

Childbirth Course

The childbirth course addresses the different phases of the birthing process and prepares the doula-in-training to be well informed about the natural birthing process. It is broken up into three (3) units and covers the the following topics:

  • Whole body health during pregnancy
  • Normal Physiological Labor
  • Common medical interventions and how to help when they are needed

Doula Actions

The doula actions course (doula skills) are where the different types of activities are discussed that a doula can perform for her clients. Skills include but are not limited to: Acupressure, Aromatherapy, Birth Affirmations, Breathing, Environment, Mindfulness, Movement, Music, Positioning, Spirituality, Visualization, and more.

Birth Packet

At the end of the course, each student is required to summit a birth packet. The birth packet contains information that the student records about the births that she has attended as a part of her training. Think of this as the final exam before receiving your certification.

Supplemental Materials

Access to supplemental materials such as webinars and white papers are included in the cost of registration for all active students and alumni. Some materials may be required to complete the training, while others are for vocational enrichment only.

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