Thank you for considering New Beginnings Doula Training for your doula certification process. We uphold the highest standards for our students and hope you will find that our course will help you grow and develop your skills as a doula and childbirth professional.

Course Requirements

This course was designed to be completed over a period of 9 months. However, the courses are self-paced, and may be completed in as much or as little time as needed. This typically takes between 150-200 total hours.

  • Read through the coursework given you.
  • Finish all assignments and submit online.
  • Finish all readings as they are assigned.
  • You will need to attend as many births as you need to complete the skills checklist.  These will need to be initialed by anyone who was at the birth with you. There is no time limit for the births as long as you fulfill the skills required.
  • After the birth, discuss with the nurse what they did and did not like about your role in the birth. A debriefing form will be provided for you, which will then need to be e-mailed to your instructor.
  • For each birth, write up a care plan on the form which will be provided for you. This form must be filled out and initialed by the care provider. It should follow the theories of Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs and the Nursing Process.
  • Attend at least two clients that you provide full care for. This includes a prenatal interview, a meeting with their care provider, and a postpartum interview. You can also check off skills with these births.

Required Readings

There are two required books to complete the birth doula training program. These books are not included in the cost of registration and must be purchased separately. However, upon registration, we do send you links to be able to purchase the books directly from the publisher at a discounted price. Alternately, you may also purchase the books from links provided on our doula books overview page.

In addition to the required readings, we also offer a collection of other recommended books that are good to broaden your scope of understanding as a doula. This will provide you with additional knowledge of popular birthing practices and techniques. View the full list on our doula books overview page.