Five Social Structures for Mothers Missing from Western Culture
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(This post originated from an assignment submitted by one of our students.  It is reproduced here with her permission. ) The Five Social Structures that Are Missing from Western Culture – How a Doula Can Make a Difference There are … Read More

Webinar: Navigating the NICU
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This webinar addresses how doulas can work with mothers whose babies are admitted to the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). We discuss the rights of the mother in NICU care and how a mother can help care for her baby … Read More

Nutrition During Pregnancy – Working with Overweight Mothers
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One of our students (now an alumnus) shared some insightful perspectives a couple of months back on how to help mothers who struggle with weight gain during pregnancy. This was in response to an assignment on nutrition from the childbirth … Read More