The Rise of the Mama Doulas — Part 1
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A New Trend As a certification agency, New Beginnings noticed a new trend rise in the birth world when Covid came around. We affectionately called them “Mama Doulas”. Essentially, they were mothers kept from attending their grown daughter’s birth because … Read More

Psoas and How They Effect Pregnancy, Labor, and Birth
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The psoas.  If you are like me, the first time I heard this word, I had no idea what it was and what, if anything, it had to do with birth.  But I’ve learned since, that a prenatal psoas release … Read More

Nursing Support During Labor-How to Overcome Barriers
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When I first began my nursing career in labor and delivery, I quickly realized that physiologic birth was not well understood where I worked.  I was looked at strange, and even told I didn’t know how to push with women … Read More

What Makes the Best Doula Training Program?
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For More Information on Pregnancy and Childbirth, Sign Up for Access to Our Childbirth Library.  Many doula training programs say that they provide a quality doula training program or are the best doula training, but what does that really mean? … Read More

Needs of Professional Doulas-New Beginnings Response to Doula Divisions
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Statement on the Divisions and Needs of Professional Doulas Recently, Buzzfeed published an article that brought up some very significant divisions among the doula community. This has caused harm and damage to many birthing communities and is a cause for … Read More

Why Get Certified as a Doula
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Doula work is a largely unregulated field, which has allowed it to expand and diversify in many different ways.  Because of this, credentialing and certification are not required, and many doulas wonder why there is even a need.  So the … Read More

Labor Support and Doula Education
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Education, along with compassion, is the foundation for the New Beginnings program. We are dedicated to providing high quality labor support and doula education for our students, as well as for women, doulas, and other birthworkers.  We provide three levels … Read More

Do We Offer Certification
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Because doulas are not medically trained personnel, certification is not required to work as a doula.  Anyone can work as a doula regardless of whether or not they have been certified to do so.  What a certification course such as … Read More