What Is the Difference between a Doula and an Experienced Mother for Labor Support?
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In order to answer this, let’s first look at what the research says about the different forms of labor support and how they compare. One of the major research groups that analyses current research has found that women who receive … Read More

How to be an advocate as a doula
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  Advocate: the act of pleading for, supporting, or recommending; Typically, women giving birth have not been adequately prepared for the choices they will be faced with.  They often have not discussed the pros and cons with their providers, nor … Read More

Prepare Your Body for Labor by Increasing Pelvic Stability
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Pelvic stability is also a factor that needs to be taken into account when discussing pelvic space and mobility.  When certain muscles are not being used and have lost their strength, other joints, ligaments, or muscles have to take over … Read More

Course Supplement: Care of the Woman with Low Amniotic Fluid (Oligohydramnios)
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A recent discussion with a family member has led me to look into more research concerning the use of the AFI(Amniotic Fluid Index). The AFI is used to determine whether an overdue mother should be induced. Coincidentally, the bloggers at … Read More

Natural Induction Methods: Sex
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Sex for the Induction of Labor Why it may work: It is not the intercourse that causes contractions, but the hormones that help with labor induction.  Semen has the highest levels of naturally occurring prostaglandins.  Prostaglandin is the same hormone we use to … Read More

How Can I Increase Blood Flow to Baby?
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The placenta acts as a transport for the infant’s nutritional and oxygen needs. Sometimes a baby can get by okay if the placenta is not functioning well during pregnancy.   However, during labor, a dysfunctional placenta can cause problems that … Read More

A Doula’s Role: Delayed Cord Clamping
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When I first started working as a labor and delivery nurse, delayed cord clamping was often scoffed at.  Women who wanted to have that done were “humored”, but seen as “one of those patients”.  If a baby did not cry … Read More

Doula Business Course
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You’ve finished your doula training, but know aren’t quite sure where to go. Start here for a 6 mo overview on how to get your business training up and off the ground. Beginning Your Business Week 1 We’re working together … Read More

Providing Labor Support: Pain vs Suffering
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What we find, is that while pain may be there for many labors, not everyone experiences suffering who feel pain.

How a doula can deal with negative emotions
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We know that a quality doula will provide support for her client in whatever choices she makes.  Whether or not she agrees with those decisions should not affect her care. That said, it is not uncommon for negative emotions to arise in connection with a choice her client makes, either towards her client or the care providers.

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