What is the purpose of a doula?
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What is the purpose of a doula?  Scope of Practice Editor’s Note: Jessica Cartwright is one of our incoming students to recently be awarded a merit-based scholarship. As a part of the scholarship application process, we request that candidates complete … Read More

What Is a Doula?
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Doulas? A Do-What?!   The thought of labor and birth can be scary for many women.  Images of hospitals, fear, being alone, and pain can fill the mind and create a great deal of anxiety for those who are new … Read More

How to be an advocate as a doula
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  Advocate: the act of pleading for, supporting, or recommending; Typically, women giving birth have not been adequately prepared for the choices they will be faced with.  They often have not discussed the pros and cons with their providers, nor … Read More

The Nurturing Doula; Empowering Women
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A nurturing doula can help empower women.  “[C]aregiving professionals can seek new ways to nurture and empower [women]…during labor and birth.”-Paulina Perez To nurture is defined as “the process of caring for and encouraging the growth or development of someone … Read More

Natural Induction Methods: Sex
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Sex for the Induction of Labor Why it may work: It is not the intercourse that causes contractions, but the hormones that help with labor induction.  Semen has the highest levels of naturally occurring prostaglandins.  Prostaglandin is the same hormone we use to … Read More

Harm vs benefits of obstetric interventions
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I came across an article that said that  “Overuse of therapeutic procedures, diagnostic tests, and medications is an understudied problem that may account for as much as 30% of healthcare spending in the United States and result in harm to patients, … Read More

Course Supplement: Care of the Woman with Low Amniotic Fluid (Oligohydramnios)
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A recent discussion with a family member has led me to look into more research concerning the use of the AFI(Amniotic Fluid Index). The AFI is used to determine whether an overdue mother should be induced. Coincidentally, the bloggers at … Read More

Another reason not to do cervical checks…
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This video discusses cervical checks in the context of preventing gbs infections, but I think we need to look much broader than that.  There are not a whole lot of reasons to check women so often before or during labor. … Read More

How a Trained Doula Assess Labor Pain
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This is a preview of a section from our unit on pain during labor. Assessing Pain Fears about pain before labor can help be allayed by discussing the birth plan and showing them ways that they can help work with … Read More

A Response to New York State Laws Concerning Doula Certification
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New York State Senate quietly passed a bill on June 18, 2019 that assigns the state as the certifying organization for all doulas within the state. You can read the bill in its entirety here. (Do bear in mind that … Read More

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