7-Week Exercise Guide to a Better Birth
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In my doula course, I teach specific exercises to help prepare for an easier birth.  These exercises are designed to increase the strength and function of the muscles utilized in birth and to optimize the birthing space.  To help with our … Read More

Different Approaches to Breathing during Labor
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Again from the student files, here is one student’s observations about different approaches to breathing during labor from a client interview. I find the idea of birth breathing very interesting. I have had 3 babies; my first was an epidural … Read More

Spirituality During Childbirth
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The more I work with women in birth, the more I realize that spirituality plays a role in many people’s births.  This may include a simple prayer or long meditations the mother uses to connect herself to the divine with … Read More

Blessing of the Hands
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Nurses’ Hands Blessed be these hands that have touched life. Blessed be these hands that have felt pain. Blessed be these hands that have embraced with compassion. Blessed be these hands that have been clinched with anger or withdrawn in … Read More

Student Response: Gestational Diabetes
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One of the assignments my students do is how a doula can help when their client is diagnosed with a particular medical diagnosis.  Below is one student’s response of a great way to see what a doula can do for … Read More

How a trained doula can help provide support for pre-eclampsia-an online guide
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I just recently had a friend who gave birth to her first child.  She had wanted a drug free birth, but, as is true to birth, things did not go as planned.  She ended up having pre-eclampsia and needing to … Read More

How a Trained Doula Assess Labor Pain
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This is a preview of a section from our unit on pain during labor. Assessing Pain Fears about pain before labor can help be allayed by discussing the birth plan and showing them ways that they can help work with … Read More

Midwifery Credentials
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Ever wonder what the differences were between the different types of midwives? I’ve pulled together some info to help you in figuring that out. Hopefully this will help when choosing which care provider to work with.

Healing After Stillbirth or Miscarriage
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In childbirth and motherhood there are inevitably losses of many kinds. I’ve mentioned my own loss when I had a miscarriage. What was the most difficult for me at the time was the many unanswered questions. Why did it happen? … Read More

Rebozo Uses for Doulas
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By Taylor Carter, a New Beginnings Student Traditionally rebozos are passed down from mother to daughter or midwife to midwife (Tully, 2018). They are central and beneficial throughout the stages of life, especially in the countryside. The first time a … Read More

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