Should I take a childbirth class?
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Sometimes taking a birthing class just doesn’t seem worth the time, energy, and sometimes, money, especially when information is so freely available on the internet.

Birth Positions for Pushing with Mandy Rempfer-Kuncio
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Currently, many positions are underutilized when it comes to women pushing during the second stage. The typical position is on the back with the legs held up or in stirrups. But more and more, we are understanding, and women are … Read More

How to keep swelling down during pregnancy
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When you are pregnant, your body produces 1250 mL more blood volume than before you are pregnant.   You are also obviously gaining weight  All that tends to push fluids out of our blood vessels (where they belong) and into … Read More

Common Discomforts During Pregnancy-
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Pregnancy can be uncomfortable, and often women wonder if the discomforts they feel are normal or if there is something they can do about them.  While there usually isn’t a cure, it helps to know what to expect. New Beginnings … Read More

Teaching Normal Labor
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It has been my experience that the stages model of labor is not based on good theory or research and does not accurately describe how labor truly works.

The Benefits of Breastfeeding
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Whey, lactose, protein, growth factors, lactobacillus, IgA, antioxidants, and antibiotics: what do these all have in common?  They all are a part of breast milk.  Not only do these components provide the optimal nutrition for your baby, but they also … Read More

“The Art of Breastfeeding Webinar: A Biological Nurturing Approach” – New Video Series
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We are pleased to announce the release of a new video/webinar series as a part of our online doula training program. “The Art of Breastfeeding” is now available as a supplement to the childbirth course which is part of the … Read More

Doula Student Presentation from Saudi Arabia
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There’s two things that are worthy of pointing out from a recent email we received from one of our doula students out of Saudi Arabia. First, it’s just exciting for us to think that such a small and humble training … Read More

Penny Simkins 6 Ways to Progress-a variation handout
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I am excited to show this new handout to everyone.  I am convinced that we need to stop teaching the stages of labor and teach the various ways to progress and labor that are all normal.  There is a great … Read More