How Do I Find Doula Clients?
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“How do I find clients?” This is probably the most asked question I hear from my students. Oftentimes, we struggle with confidence when we are newly beginning to venture out into the birth world. Finding doula clients can be intimidating … Read More

7 Ways to Market your Doula Business
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No two clients are alike in their birth preferences or how their birth unfolds. Choices, biology, and personal desires all come together to make a unique experience.  In the same way, each doula, or doula group, comes with their own … Read More

Doulas, HIPAA, and Client Confidentiality
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Client Confidentiality and New Beginnings Confidentiality is an important part of the standards of a New Beginnings Doula.  It is imperative that clients’ information be kept private and out of the public realm, (unless permission has been given to share.)  … Read More

Market Your Doula Business: Your Unique Difference
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  Marketing does not need to be a dog eats dog world, and it doesn’t have to be all about price wars.  In this video, we discuss how you can find what makes you unique and use that to sell … Read More

Help to Balance Doula Work and Family
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  Being able to organize your thoughts, ideas, and environment is key to providing excellent care as a doula. Our main course in our doula training is arranged around this concept of organization and assessment for this reason. Sometimes, though, … Read More

Doula Business Course
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You’ve finished your doula training, but know aren’t quite sure where to go. Start here for a 6 mo overview on how to get your business training up and off the ground. Beginning Your Business Week 1 We’re working together … Read More

Grow Your Doula Business with Darlene MacAuley
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You’ve just finished your training, and you know you are going to make a great doula!  You have your doula bag ready to go, but now you just need to figure out how to find those clients in the first … Read More

Market Your Doula Business: Your Ideal Doula Client
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The last doula business post I did, we talked about what defines you. Now you want to start figuring what kind of clients want what you have to give. Your ideal doula client is going to be the woman that … Read More

Stock Photography for Your Doula Business
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Navigating the waters of photography for your doula blog can sometimes prove to be tricky. That said, there are low-cost and even no-cost options that offer high-quality, attractive stock photographs that are safe to use and will keep you out … Read More

Choosing a Name for Your Doula Business
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The question came up a couple of days back in our Facebook student and alumni group about choosing a name for a doula business. Specifically, the issue came up in picking a business name that was already in use by … Read More

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