Healing After Stillbirth or Miscarriage
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In childbirth and motherhood there are inevitably losses of many kinds. I’ve mentioned my own loss when I had a miscarriage. What was the most difficult for me at the time was the many unanswered questions. Why did it happen? … Read More

Childbirth Choices: Epidural
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  Guest blog from Christina Bartholomew who blogs at http://handsfullmom.blogspot.com/.  [This is the beginning of a serious highlighting why women make the choices they do during birth.  In this post Christina, a good friend of mine, discusses one of our … Read More

Student Response: Overweight, Pregnant, and Natural Childbirth
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(Editor Note: Jessica C. of Indiana submitted the following response to one of our first unit assignments.) I appreciate when my midwife and nurses don’t assume the worst because I am overweight. All of my pregnancies have been healthy and … Read More

Birth Art: A Useful Doula Skill
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Birth Art: A Useful Doula Skill Birth art may not be the first skill you think of to help women in childbirth, but art can offer your client many benefits.  It allows women to explore fears, integrate the birth experience, … Read More

A Perfect Birth, Almost
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Rachel works a part time job at the birth center nearest to us (an hour and half away) on the weekends. In this capacity, she functions as an on-call nurse. She will frequently debrief her birthing experiences with me. I … Read More

Case Study: How Doulas Can Adapt for Successful Remote Birth Support
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Louise Johnson was preparing to assist as a doula when the COVID-19 pandemic dramatically shifted hospital requirements for childbirth. New limits were placed that allowed only one (1) support person in the room with the birth mother. This happend just … Read More

Miscarriage and Molar Pregnancy – Facts and Personal Experience
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By Shalynne Addison What is a miscarriage? Miscarriages affect approximately 1 in 4 pregnancies. Miscarriage is defined as the death of a fetus in the uterus during pregnancy. There are a variety of different reasons why miscarriages occur and even … Read More

Interview with a Doula Pioneer: Amy Gilliland
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Last month, we were privileged to host a webinar with doula pioneer, Amy Gilliland, who has asked “What is your community’s story of change?” Learn more about the history of doulas, birth attendants and labor support.

A Hands-On Doula with a Distinct Perspective
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Annie is a student who began her training earlier this year. She brings to our program a perspective on childbirth that is perhaps a little more hands on than most. Here’s how she introduced herself to us:

A Doula Trainer’s Birth Story, Part III – Labor Support
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I’ve been contemplating this post for a while as I’ve thought about my previous births. With my first five children, I didn’t have a doula.  Before I began working as a doula, I had heard about what a doula does, … Read More

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