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Sometimes taking a birthing class just doesn’t seem worth the time, energy, and sometimes, money, especially when information is so freely available on the internet. Birth and labor can be a tricky experience to navigate and everyone has a different perspective. Trusting your body and intuition is a powerful force during labor, and having all of the information about the experience can help aid, guide, and ease fears to allow you to trust yourself.

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  • More information about how your body works during labor
  • Information about birth procedure
  • Medication information
  • You can ask your questions about your birth
  • What to expect during labor for you, baby, and support person
  • Some labor pain management tips and information
  • Some baby feeding information
  • Facility tour


  • Some of the information can be scary
  • It may not provide you with all of the information you are looking for
  • Too much information that is difficult to turn into a plan

A doula would be a great resource to utilize for the concerns for taking a class. They are specifically trained to answer questions, explain information, and turn any overwhelm into a plan.

Who can I involve in childbirth classes?

  • Doula
  • Partner
  • Your parent
  • Any support person you choose

Can my doula do a private childbirth class?

Some doulas do offer a private birth class for their clients. If that is something you are interested in, then you need to mention that at the time of your hiring consultation with your prospective doula.

Childbirth classes are not specifically necessary for a birth. Some parents have great medical providers that answer all questions. And, some people work in the medical field and know information from a class already. If you choose to not attend a childbirth class, you will be provided for, procedures talked through, and information given during the labor so you can make decisions at the time.

One thing to remember is that a childbirth education class does not guarantee an outcome for your birth. During labor, a birth plan can change suddenly based on many circumstances that may arise. But, having the information provided during a class is a great way to combat fear and let you know your options during labor.

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