Natural Movement During Pregnancy
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This beautiful image is made by student, Jessica Christian, about natural movement during pregnancy.

Course Supplement: Care of the Woman with Low Amniotic Fluid (Oligohydramnios)
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A recent discussion with a family member has led me to look into more research concerning the use of the AFI(Amniotic Fluid Index). The AFI is used to determine whether an overdue mother should be induced. Coincidentally, the bloggers at … Read More

Second Stage Labor Actions Handout
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The Second Stage Labor Actions handout (now available in our doula shop as a PDF download) helps to illustrate what  a doula can do for a woman in labor during the transitional period just prior to birth. The handout highlights … Read More

Handout: Doulas in the Labor and Delivery Room
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This PDF-formatted handout helps explain how doulas can be a valuable contributor to the birthing process in hospitals and birth center environments.  Download Handout >>

Penny Simkins 6 Ways to Progress-a variation handout
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I am excited to show this new handout to everyone.  I am convinced that we need to stop teaching the stages of labor and teach the various ways to progress and labor that are all normal.  There is a great … Read More

Doula handout for pregnancy exercises and stretches
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Did you know there really is something you can do about the aches and pains of pregnancy?  Not only that, but you can also help open up and widen your birthing area.  Below is a link to some really simply … Read More

Doula handout for ways to get good labor and delivery care
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If your looking for a way to help your client make childbirth choices, childbirth connection has come out with a great handout of 10 ways to get good maternity care.  Feel free to download and share with your clients.  This … Read More