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The Second Stage Labor Actions handout (now available in our doula shop as a PDF download) helps to illustrate what  a doula can do for a woman in labor during the transitional period just prior to birth. The handout highlights two specific conditions that laboring women encounter as they come closer to the anticipated delivery of their babies:

  • Is the woman feeling the urge to push?
  • Is the uterus fully dilated?

The combination of answers that these two questions produce can determine the supportive actions that a doula may take in supporting the laboring woman. That is the focus of this illustrated handout. A doula may use this handout on a first or second visit with prospective clients to help visualize a doula’s role in the birthing process. Second Stage Labor Action Handout - PreviewSecond Stage Labor Action Coloring Page - Preview

Two versions of this handout are included in the cost of purchase: a full-colored illustration and a coloring page version of the same. The full-colored version makes for a striking handout to share with your clients. The coloring page version is a less-ink intensive copy suitable for situations where you only have black ink on hand (as it common in our family). The coloring page version also is a great tool, accompanied with a box of crayons, for helping to entertain a client’s other children, while keeping the conversation focused on explaining the work of a doula.

The Second Stage Labor Actions handout is available for instant purchase and download in the Doula Shop at New Beginnings.

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