Find a doula near you

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Find a doula that is top quality New Beginnings doulas share a passion for serving and helping women during childbirth and postpartum. This is combined with a quality education that trains them in communication and collaboration among all members of … Read More

Providing Labor Support: Pain vs Suffering

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Pain vs Suffering Pain is one of the first things that women will say they are concerned about in labor.  It is interesting to note that women describe this experience differently, and pain takes on different meanings for different people.  … Read More

What Is a Doula?

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The thought of labor and birth can be scary for many women.  Images of hospitals, fear, being alone, and pain can fill the mind and create a great deal of anxiety for those who are new to birth or who … Read More

Supporting Physiologic Birth

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In my writings, and perhaps those of others, you may have seen the term physiologic birth.  In order to understand why I choose to use this term and how to provide support for a physiologic birth, I thought it might … Read More

How to Support Birth Choices

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How to Support Birth Choices: A Student Explains Different Modes of Decision Making Bias: A personal and sometimes unreasoned judgment. Worldview:  The definition of a worldview is an overall way of looking at the world. Most people will agree that … Read More

Market Your Doula Business: Your Unique Difference

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  Marketing does not need to be a dog eats dog world, and it doesn’t have to be all about price wars.  In this video, we discuss how you can find what makes you unique and use that to sell … Read More

How to Increase Oxygenation to the Placenta

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The placenta acts as a transport for the infant’s nutritional and oxygen needs.  Sometimes a baby can get by okay if the placenta is not functioning well during pregnancy. However, during labor, a dysfunctional placenta can cause problems that may … Read More

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