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How to include the partner for prenatal appointments during Covid-19

Pregnancy is a joyous for families, and most partners want to be included in the prenatal appointments, especially the ultrasounds. Hearing and seeing the growing baby in the mother’s womb is a precious moment many love to be a part of.

But, with Covid-19 some practitioners are only allowing the pregnant person in the prenatal appointments, leaving out partners which can be frustrating for families. Here are some recommendations on how to include partners in the appointments, but still comply with the safety rules.

Video calls:

Smart phones have been a great way to increase communication, and most come with a video call option built in. Bring your spouse along on a video call, weather it’s a practitioner appointment or an ultrasound. This is a great “real time” inclusion option.

Ultrasound pictures:

Most ultrasound appointments you get pictures. Share those with your partner and everything you learned about your baby.

Ultrasound videos and recordings:

Some providers have the option to provide ultrasound videos or recordings of the baby’s heart beat. Ask your provider if these are an option.

One on one classes with your Doula:

Doulas are equipped to help you birth your baby, but they are also great teachers. During your prenatal appointment with your doula, ask them to teach your partner how to help you. This will help your partner feel involved with the baby process.

Note: all of these options are suggestions and will need to be approved by your service provider first. Good conversation and problem solving together go a long way in keeping relationships healthy.

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