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The Topic

Empathy plays a large role in our work as doulas. So what better conversation topic to start our monthly chats?

“Empathy goes beyond concern or sympathy. Empathy is stepping into the shoes of another with the intention to better understand and feel what they are experiencing.  It is expressed in our choice to be fully present with someone and listen beyond their words for their feelings and unmet needs. Knowing that at least one other person “gets what I’m going through” is the gift of empathy. The power of empathy can bridge our “us vs. them” perceptions and lead to new solutions, improved relationships, better strategies for social change, reduction in loneliness, and realization of our shared human needs and oneness. This conversation is about sharing experiences giving, receiving, and observing empathy.”


Rachel Leavitt, owner and creator of New Beginnings Doula Training, lead our discussion, and we were joined by our Community Manager, Samantha Kitchel, Doula Trainer, Jessiqua Wittman, and two students, Amanda, and Rosalinda.

Creating Community

We would like to create a sense of community in this pandemic by starting a monthly Round Table discussion about tough topics. It is our duty as a doula training organization to truly serve mothers and our doulas. By creating safe spaces for people to learn and understand another’s viewpoint.

New Beginnings Doula Training wants to create a safe place to discuss, ask questions and explore topics of different ethnicities, sexuality, disabilities, religion, and politics and how it pertains to doula work. We would like to listen to other’s viewpoints and hear their stories.

We utilized the Living Room Conversation format for our discussion. These conversation formats can be found here. https://livingroomconversations.org/

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