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With the arrival of the New Year and resolutions being made, I thought it would be fitting to reflect on why I chose to be a doula. Why I chose this path in the time that people are choosing a path to follow for the new year.

Doula, Samantha Kitchel.

Truthfully, my goal is to become a Midwife. I’m driven to help and empower parents. I loved learning how to support birthing people and helping them navigate one of the scariest and empowering moments of their lives. Since graduating from New Beginnings, I joined an agency in my area, and started doula work.

I used becoming a doula as a way to “try out” my dream of becoming a midwife. Being at my first first birth as a doula was magical. I found this groove I didn’t know I had. The whole drive in the car to the hospital to meet my client I was running through comfort measures in my head. I even brought print offs in a binder as reminders.

As it turns out, I didn’t need my binder. I didn’t need all of the fancy tools I packed in my bag. My thorough training had prepared me for this moment. All I needed was my two hands and to be present for my client.

I’m really good at being a doula. I love to help. I have a drive to be nurturing. Birth work is my calling. I still want to be a midwife, but if that dream takes longer I am fulfilled being a doula, supporting and empowering parents,

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