Market Your Doula Business: Your Unique Difference

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Marketing does not need to be a dog eats dog world, and it doesn’t have to be all about price wars.  In this video, we discuss how you can find what makes you unique and use that to sell your doula business.  We discuss how everyone has something unique that they can sell, regardless of how similar you think you are.  When you look at your business this way, you can stop worrying about being able to compete on price alone, and start competing on what you really bring to your business: your own talents and value as a doula.

We know that only a small number of people use doulas, but we also know that doulas bring critical value to the birth team.  Having a doula makes a difference in the lives of women and babies.  Given that data, we can assume that there is a lot of room for many different kinds of doulas out there.  So begin to brainstorm your own unique difference as a doula, and help your doula business thrive.You will also hear this called a unique selling proposition.  Finding your own unique difference as a doula can differentiate you as someone who is the best in a particular area.  It provides you with your own market that will make it easier to find and keep clients.  This is just the beginning.  In up coming weeks we will be exploring how to find your ideal client and how you can bring value to yourself and the profession of the doula by being top in your field, at what you do best.

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