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Shannon Tuke has been a wonderful friend and sounding board as we have grown our doula training service.

Without getting overly sentimental, I wanted to take a moment to say goodbye to our first trainer here at New Beginnings Doula Training. While Rachel and I have been with the company from the beginning, it was Shannon Tuke who was willing and able to be our company’s first trainer apart from Rachel. Shannon was super flexible with our growing pains and figuring out how this business works outside of its owners. She has worked closely with Rachel, bouncing ideas off of each other. She freed up Rachel to start looking at the bigger picture and the harder questions of management.

While she was working with us, Shannon was also going to school to realize her lifelong dream of becoming a registered nurse. She realized that goal while still in our service as a doula trainer! With the new responsibilities and opportunities that have come to her since her graduation, Shannon felt it was time to move on. She formally concluded her service with us at the end of February 2019. We are ever appreciative of the past two years that we’ve had to work with her and wish Shannon the very best as she moves forward with her career as a nurse! Thank you Shannon!

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