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Assessment Skills + Holistic Care

At the heart of New Beginnings Doula Training is the main course. We guide women to learn how to assess a woman’s needs while also teaching that needs can be understood by separating them into four categories: physical, social, esteem, and safety. Where medical providers do well at attending to a woman’s physical needs, our doulas-in-training learn how to attend to the other three critical areas of need during childbirth.

Course Content


Affordable Payment Options

Birth Doula Certification - 3 Payment Options: $400, $34/12mo, or $36/12mo.

Entirely unconventional and sometimes harder to understand, New Beginnings offer different payments option that are designed not to take advantage of students who sign up for our training program, but rather empower our students to take a step up and make a major life-changing career move, without breaking the bank to do so!

In addition to the straight course registration option (paying full price up-front), two(2) alternative payment options are provided to distribute the payments over one year. The difference between the payment options are simply based on whether you prefer to be automatically billed on a monthly basis or to be manually invoiced at the beginnings of each month.


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