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While these pages are mostly devoted to doula information, I found this on Katy Bowman’s site and thought it was a great way to end the year.  And doula’s do after all, affect the health of a woman both emotionally and physically, so it’s good to think about what our own health goals are.  Better yet, share this with your doula clients and see what take they have on their health.  That will teach you a lot about who they are and how they view their health and ability to be healthy.


1. What was your biggest (health) triumph in 2011?

Becoming more aware of my own body’s cycles and needs.  For instance, I realized that during my period, I have a headache the whole time.  So instead of popping pills, I took baths, let the house go a little, stretched, and loved myself.  (Plus used a little bit of peppermint oil).  Headache still was there, but not as bad, and mentally I was much more content.  In fact, I’ve decided that that whole time of month needs to be love yourself time.

 2. What was the smartest (health) decision you made in 2011?

Eat more veggies.  It’s been good for me and the family.  Now, I need to start the eat less sweets.

3. What one word best sums up and describes your 2011 (health) experience?
Introspection.  Really paying attention to me and what is really going on in my head and body.

4. What was the greatest lesson (about health) you learned in 2011? I

Getting mad at my kids(or anyone) is not conducive to my health.  When I feel myself getting mad, I need to give myself a time out and come back to it.  I can solve problems much better that way, and stress and anxiety is way less.

5. What was the most loving service that you performed in 2011? 

I gave free doula care to three people this summer.  Of course I feel like I get more from that then I give.  And I made meals for my family every night.

6. What is your biggest piece of “unfinished (health) business” in 2011? 

Headaches..I’ve come a long way, but there’s still a ways to go.

7. What (about your health) are you most happy about completing in 2011? 

Got rid of my back pain(thanks Katy:)).

8. Who were the three people with the greatest impact on your (health) life in 2011? 

Katy Bowman, my friend Cherlyn Douglas for introducing me to essential oils, and my son because he can’t eat wheat, which made us rethink the whole way we eat for good.

9. What is the biggest (health) risk you took in 2011? 
Eating way too sugar over the holidays.

10. What was your biggest (health) surprise in 2011?
That I could survive through my period without taking pain medication.

11. What important (health) relationship improved most in 2011? Paying attention to what my body is trying to tell me.

12. What compliment would you have liked to received but didn’t? That was the best dinner I’ve ever had…your a wonderful cook!!! (With lots of exclamation points:)).

13. What compliment would you have liked to have given but didn’t? I don’t know that there is one in particular, but I would have like to give more, especially to my daughter.  

14. What else do you need to do or say to be complete with 2011?

I would really like to do one more birth as a doula before the year ends, but that probably won’t happen.

Creating (Health in) 2012 
1. What would you like to be your biggest (health) triumph in 2012?

Loving myself and my family perfectly.

2. What (health) advice would you like to give yourself in 2012?

Sleep please.

3. What major effort are you planning to improve your health results in 2012? 

Focusing only on training doulas…not healing the whole birthing community(which believe me is hard to give up).  That’ll be a lot less stress.

4. What would you be most happy about completing in 2012?

My training course in book form.

5. What major (health) indulgence are you willing to experience in 2012?

As much as I berate myself, I will probably still eat a lot of sweets around the holidays.

6. What would you most like to change about your health in 2012? 

Use less pain medication.

7. What are you looking forward to learning (about health) in 2012? So much…I love to read and study about health.  I look forward to learning about pain and how it affects birth.  I am fascinated by hormones and will learn more about that, and hopefully pass that on to my students.

8. What do you think your biggest (health) risk will be in 2012? 

Trying to do too much.

9. What about are you(r health) are you most committed to changing and improving in 2012?

Trying not to do too much.

10. What is one as yet underdeveloped talent you are willing to explore in 2012?

Playing the piano.

11. What brings you joy and health and how are you going to have more of that in 2012? 

Snuggling with my kids in the morning, singing, playing board games with the family, helping women in labor.  All I need to do is keep my heart and my eyes wide open to the possibilities.

12. Who or what, other than yourself, are you most committed to loving and serving in 2012? 

Family and helping others learn how to help women in labor.

13. What one word would you like to have as your (health) theme in 2012? 

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Rachel has worked as a register nurse (BSN from University of Utah) since 2004 with a work history in Labor and Delivery, NICU and Postpartum Care. She is also the founder of New Beginnings Doula Training which she organized in 2011. When she's not busy being a mother and grandmother, she can be found reading research papers related to some aspect of childbirth.

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