Shalynne Addison

CERTIFIED DOULA since January 20, 2015

I had the best experience with New Beginnings. I am a mother of four children and did most of my coursework during my own pregnancy – I received my certification just a few weeks after the birth of my fourth child! I loved the self-paced classes so when life got busy I could step back a little bit and not get penalized for it. And then when my schedule was a bit more free, I could work ahead to my heart’s content. The assignments were challenging but also so very informative. I feel like I learned so much in depth information about being a doula and not just “the basics.” Many of the assignments were hands-on and required me to get out in to my community to talk to other women – which in turned helped me to build up my business and make connections within the local birthing community. Rachel always answered my questions promptly. I also love that she and Brent are continually working to improve the training program and asking for student opinions. I’d highly recommend New Beginnings!