Why I Care about Labor Support as a Doula – A Student Response

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Here’s another one:)

“I have been blessed to have given birth to 5 amazing children! Each one a different journey, but all of them life changing and rewarding. Because of this, I am passionate about the process of birth, recognizing it as a key life experience that mothers will remember for the rest of their lives and come through it with a greater sense of self confidence and understanding of all they are capable of. Having experienced child birth in both a hospital environment as well as home, I know how important it is, in all venues, to have someone focused on mom and how beneficial it is for birthing women and families to have calm, knowledgeable support with them during their labor and birth.
My goal as a doula is to assist women in the discovery of their own amazing abilities, to support them in determining & achieving the type of experience they want and stand witness as they go through the process of becoming mothers. During labor I am there to enable women and their families to make informed choices about their birth experience and I will do whatever I can to provide calm, nonjudgmental, continuous physical, informational & emotional support. Having a doula ensures that even if you know no one else in your delivery room, you have a strong, comfortable, trusting relationship with me and I am there for you!”-Shelly

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