Updated September 2016

Please consider reviewing our free course sample before making purchases as the cost of materials received are NOT refundable.

New Beginnings Childbirth Service, LLC offers the following information regarding refunds for purchases made through our website (trainingdoulas.com) related to the products and services offered by New Beginnings Doula Training, New Beginnings Doula Shop, and New Beginnings Business and Web Services for Doulas.

All digital products purchased through New Beginnings are NOT eligible for refund due to digital nature of the content. Digital content cannot be tangibly returned and once purchased and downloaded may reside indefinitely on the computer or device to which it is downloaded. This policy applies to training and educations materials, videos, and other graphical or design materials purchased in digital format. This policy also reflects the high value that we place on the knowledge contained in the materials, which represent years of experience and formal study on the topics presented. With this in mind, we do intentionally offer the first unit of study for our doula training completely free.

Services performed on students’ behalf are also NOT refundable. These services include business and web related service such as website development and design services, graphic design services, consulting services, etc. While every effort will be given to meet and exceed expectations for services offered, we cannot offer refunds for service performed that in good faith represent our best efforts. We reserve the right to have the final say in what is determined to be our best efforts. Please understand that once payment has been made for services rendered, we cannot offer refund on services already performed.

We strongly encourage anyone making purchases of training materials to first download the free unit one sample of the main course available on our website, which accurately reflects the quality, nature, and depth of the content presented throughout the rest of the course and in other supplemental materials that may be available for purchase.

Course refunds are processed as follows:

Full course registrations – Upon registration, PDF copies of the course manuals are sent to the students, these PDF’s are regarded to be $60 USD in value. Once these digital materials are received, they cannot tangibly be returned and hence are NOT eligible for refund.

Beyond the cost of materials received, students may request a refund of the remaining course registration costs anytime within the first 30 days after registration. No refunds will be granted after 30 days.

Again, we strongly encourage anyone making purchases of training materials to first download the free unit one sample of the main course available on our website.

Partial course registrations– No refunds are granted to partial course registrations, as the materials receive also reflect the value paid for the first month of registration. However, partial course registration may be cancelled at any time, with no obligation to continue.

Physical or tangible products offered for sale, may be returned within seven(7) business days of receipt of shipping (seven days from the time that they arrived at the point of destination). These products will be subject to quality check to determine the resale value of the returned product. Product returns determined to be in like-new condition are eligible for full refund, minus the cost of the shipping.

Web related services such as web hosting, domain names, digital photography, and developer services are NOT refundable. Web development services are subject to deposits for work not yet performed and are also NOT refundable after payment has been made. There are no contractual obligations to continue with services from New Beginnings Childbirth Services, and you may terminate services at any time.

Any other products or services not covered in the scope of this document are NOT eligible for refund. Further questions regarding our refund policy may be directed to our business manager. Please use our online contact form provided to reach us.