Start on Wednesday, May 22, 2019, the following prices will become effective for New Beginnings Childbirth Services:

  • New Beginnings Doula Training – $25 USD monthly subscription fee, pay as you go.
  • Childbirth Support Library – $5 USD monthly subscription fee

With this announcement, the following additional changes will become effective immediately:

  • New Beginnings Doula Training:
    • A time restraint of two years to complete training will be removed.
    • Course extensions will no longer be needed because of the change of policy.
    • Monthly invoicing option is discontinued.
    • Annual or full course payments are discontinued.
    • Account Payoffs are discontinued.
    • Scholarship pricing is discontinued (though it may be reconsidered at a future date).
  • Childbirth Support Library:
    • Annual subscription plan is discontinued.

All accounts will remain active for the current billing cycle only (1 month). If the automatic payment fails to renew, the account will be immediately switched to inactive status. Accounts may be cancelled at any time prior to the day of renewal. If account is not cancelled before it is renewed, it will automatically be billed for another month.

Accounts will retain their “active” status for the remainder of the billing cycle, even after an account has been cancelled. Cancelled accounts switch automatically to “inactive” status at the end of the billing cycle. No refunds will be granted for cancelled accounts for the balance of the month left outstanding.

User accounts are not deleted when moved to inactive status, and training progress is always saved regardless of account status. “Inactive” status simply means that you cannot continue to access training materials or instructor support.

Grandfather Policy

With this announcement and change in pricing structure, we will continue to honor all existing billing agreements that are currently in place. By this we mean that all agreement for a two-year window of training will be honored for the anticipated time frame.

The one exception will be the course extension policy at the end of any existing two year agreements. In the place of a course extension, students may continue their training if needed with the $25 USD monthly subscription fee indefinitely.

Additionally, any existing students who have already established a two-year training agreement may elect to switch to the new pricing structure at any time and drop the time constraint associated with their training. No credits, however, will be granted for accounts that switch to the new pricing structure.

Certificate Renewals

Alumni certificate renewals are not affected by this policy announcement. Current policy on certificate renewals is as follows:

Once certification has been received, billing will be suspended on the alumni account. Alumni accounts remain active for a period of 2 years. At the time of renewal, a $50 USD fee will be required to renew the certificate for an additional two years.