At New Beginnings, we are enriched by the many experiences and perspectives each individual brings to our community. Therefore we are committed to viewpoint diversity as a part of our business practices and among our students. We seek to amplify the voices of marginalized and non-marginalized groups through structured conversations designed to “build understanding and transform communities”

We also collaborate with students, doulas, and members of the birth community from many diverse life experiences to provide a way for them to express their lived experiences through interviews and discussion groups. In addition, all our employees are offered quality training designed to promote inclusion, based on love, respect, and compassion. This is the basis for how we work together, how we interact with students, and how we interact online.

We do not discriminate in admissions, employment or inclusion in activities on the basis of education, age, ethnicity, biological sex, gender identities or expression, sexual identities, political ideologies, or religious traditions.

Rachel Leavitt RN, BSN, CD