(last updated: 23 Aug 2019 – information incomplete)

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The information presented on these pages is for informational purposes only. Links to official documentation and information is provided where and when possible. Please consult local government authorities for current and accurate information.

The state of New York has a brief but colorful history with regards to state legislation regarding doulas. There are presently no laws in the state of New York that govern the work of doulas. However, there is legislation in the work that is seeking to regulate the work of doulas within the state for the purposes of 1) legitimizing the profession and 2) provide credibility for the industry.

Legislation efforts in New York have become high-profile since the passage of legislation through the state assembly and senate in June 2019. Pending legislation has been placed in limbo while still waiting for the Governor’s signature. Details of these dynamics are below.

History of New York State Legislation for Doulas

  • Pilot program is organized to assess the value of doulas in the birthing process
  • Legislation is Drafted in January 2019.
  • Legislation passes state lawmakers in June 2019.
  • Community backlash begins almost immediately.
  • Pilot program deemed unsuccessful due to several influencing factors.
  • Legislation is put on hold before being signed by governor at sponsoring lawmakers’ request.

How to Get Involved in the Lawmaking Process


Current Legislation

There are two versions of the proposed law that are currently active, one for the State Assembly and the other for the State Senate. Both were passed.

The next and final step in passage is for the governor to sign into law the bill, however at the request of sponsoring lawmaker Amy Paulin, reports are that this bill is being held for further revision before being pushed to the governor for his signature.

New York State Doula Pilot Program

In anticipation of future legislation for doulas receiving Medicaid -funded services, a pilot program was launched in only two counties (Eire and Kings). Below are official resources pertaining to the pilot program for doulas.

Status of the pilot program is not know at this time, but it was suggested in a recent conversation between lawmakers and doulas that the pilot program was not working as intented. (See video below)

Below is the community conversation that took place in New York between lawmakers and the doula community on July 12, 2019. It took place about three weeks after the passage of bill A.364B and S3344B.

(last updated: 23 Aug 2019 – information incomplete)