February 2015 Incentives Update

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Because we’ve created perhaps our most popular incentive to date, I felt we owed a little explanation on the delay in getting this incentive fulfilled. In January 2015, we announce that every student submitting an incentive request by the end of the month would receive a free digital copy of medication cards that serve as a quick reference for doulas and their clients on some of the most commonly used medication in the labor and delivery environment.

The challenge that we’ve had on our end has been in the time management side of things in getting these cards produced. We’re getting close, but we’re still not there yet. The set of flash-card style cards will feature some 25 to 30 of the most commonly used drugs and medication that are currently used in medicine.

In addition to the time requirements for the production of the medication cards, we’re also in the process of preparing these for same cards for release in digital format first, and later on in print format, from our newly launched online doula shop.

Moving on to February’s incentive, we received an unsolicited donation from Gabriel Sanders of the Facebook page “New Dad’s Place“. Since its creation in what appears to be less than two month, it’s already garnered quite a following of new dads and others. We’ve decided to take the donation and apply it to February’s student incentive, which will probably be another book that we will be offering to one selected student at the end of the month.

We hope to have more details on February’s student incentive and the medication cards for January’s incentive by the end of this week.

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Rachel has worked as a register nurse (BSN from University of Utah) since 2004 with a work history in Labor and Delivery, NICU and Postpartum Care. She is also the founder of New Beginnings Doula Training which she organized in 2011. When she's not busy being a mother and grandmother, she can be found reading research papers related to some aspect of childbirth.

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  1. jonny diane
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    I’m so very excited that Gabriel’s site is growing so quickly! Et for his nice donation to help one of our own to grow!

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