A grievance is a complaint, presented to New Beginnings Childbirth Services (aka, New Beginnings Doula Training), in which a student or certified doula has violated the Standards of Practice of the organization. The goal is to provide a way in which concerned persons can discuss those concerns regarding a specific student or doula. The hope is to resolve any problems or difficulties in a diplomatic way.


A grievance can be sent via e-mail or mail and it must include the complaint and the dates of the occurrence. This will be sent to the doula involved. At this point, the doula must respond with any further information that she feels may be important. She will be given 10 days after which a decision will be made of any further action to be taken.

Further Action

There are a number of actions that can be taken. These include:

  • No action
  • A letter of reprimand
  • A period of probation and recommendations to be determined
  • Withdrawal of New Beginnings certification status

The certified doula in question may also choose to resign on her own volition.