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I am going to do a post on metabolism and how it may be what really triggers our labor to start……but it’s late and my brain is telling me to go to sleep.  So, I thought I’d start a new series of posts instead called the top five.  These will be my top five groups of anything birth related.  Today I’m going to focus on my top five birth webpages.  These are the pages I am always referring people to for more information.  So without much ado, here they are.

Writing Your Birth Plan: Tips from an L & D nurse, part 1 (there is also a part 2)

This is written by a great L&D nurse that thinks a lot like me:)  This particular post gives some good tips on what to write in a birth and things that might be best to leave out.  It would be a great resource for doula’s to make a handout about and give to clients.  She also has a bunch of other info on her blog that is great stuff.

Induction of Labor Balancing the Risks

This is written by a midwife in Australia that does home births.  I love all her stuff because she does such a good job of informing you without making you feel pressured to choose one way or the other.  This particular post focuses on post date pregnancies and the risks involved in induction or waiting for labor to start.   Very easy to read, and full of good info.

The Hunting and Gathering Mama

Katy Bowman is a scientist that studies natural movement and how that helps our bodies function optimally.  This post talks about pregnancy and birth, and what we need to do to get our bodies in shape for the big event.

Delayed Cord Clamping Should be Standard Practice in Obstetrics

Lots of good info and research on why waiting to clamp the cord is probably how we should really be doing these things.  This blog tends to be a little more technical as it is written for physicians, but it’s got so much good info in it.

Evidence Based Birth

If you are looking for any kind of info regarding birth, this is a great place to start.  Another one of my favorite blogs.

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Rachel has worked as a register nurse (BSN from University of Utah) since 2004 with a work history in Labor and Delivery, NICU and Postpartum Care. She is also the founder of New Beginnings Doula Training which she organized in 2011. When she's not busy being a mother and grandmother, she can be found reading research papers related to some aspect of childbirth.

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