Price Change Effective March 22, 2013

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Beginning on March 22, 2013, we will be increasing the price for our monthly course subscription plan. This is in part due to the greater management and accounting required for the convenience of being able to pay for the course on a monthly basis.

We will continue to offer the option of early course completion, which for the ambitious student affords her the opportunity to graduate in less than one year’s time. This allows a student to pay only for those months in which she was taking the course.  So for example, if it takes only 9 months for the student to complete the course then the student only pays for nine months’ registration fees to complete graduation.  We do not anticipate ever taking this option away.

In the meantime, any registrations processed before Friday morning, March 22, 2013, when we make the switch (probably around 9 A.M. Mountain Standard Time – Arizona) will be grandfathered in at the former price for the length of the course.


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