End of the Year Savings, December Student Incentives

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Save 10% on Full Course Trainings

While we still have spaces available for the month of December for new students to sign up, we thought we’d spice it up with a 10% discount ($20 USD off) on full course registrations for the remainder of the month. As with all discounts, we actually offer rebates (in the form of partial refunds) from PayPal usually within 24 hours of when payment is made. This is not an automated refund, but is something that we go in and manually process on our end.

This offer is good only on full course registrations ( normally priced at $200 ) and while spaces are available through the end of the month of December.

December Student Incentive

This month’s student incentive is a starter kit for your doula bag. The kit will probably have stuff like: lip balm, honeysticks, lotion, a rice sock, hair ties, etc. While we’d like to offer this to every one of our students this month, unfortunately, that is not feasible on our end. So this too will be selected by a drawing after the new year.

To submit your request to be in the drawing, students must be current on their payments (for those making monthly payments)  and have completed and submitted at least one assignment during the current month.

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