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While the lack of updates on our websites might suggest that things have been quiet around here, we’ve actually been notably busy.  Since January, we’ve enjoyed a healthy increase of new student registrations. This has created more than enough work for Rachel and I both in homework to grade and accounts to manage.  I [Brent] also had committed to teach a one-semester course in teaching web programming at the local community college, more as a public service than out of any particular need financially.  Add to this all the craziness of a growing family, and we’ve been a little preoccupied as of late.  Rachel also causally (and cautiously) announced that she was expecting baby number six to the Leavitt household!

Thus we’ve kind of let slide the the newsletter and blog updates for the past couple of months. We’ve got some exciting things to share though, and are hoping to have a newsletter ready to go later this week. In the meantime, for those that have already signed up, keep plugging away at those assignments. You are the reason why we love doing what we’re doing!

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