Women Helping at Birth Every time a child is brought into the world, a miracle occurs. The birthing experience has evolved over the years. The importance of having adequate labor support during birth is becoming increasingly more apparent.

The more we learn about the full range of needs that can be addressed before and during childbirth that are not necessarily medical in nature, the more we see that these needs are not being addressed. We need sensitive, caring, knowledgeable women to fill this gap in providing non-medical support to women before, during, and even after childbirth.

The decision to become a doula often comes out of sense of mission that women have to provide compassionate, caring support at one of the crucial crossroads of a woman’s existence.

“This kind of work has been a dream of mine.”

Some women decide to become doulas after they experience birth for the very first time themselves. Other women become interested in doula training when they see their own daughters preparing for childbirth. Whatever the motivation, universally there seems to be a sense of calling that they are being invited to assist in something greater than themselves.

New Beginnings Doula Training has the unique objective of providing professional labor support to as many expectant mothers as possible. To that end, we offer an affordable, yet comprehensive, training program that prepares doulas to assist women in a variety of birthing environments.

“I started the journey of being a doula… a year ago. I was unable to afford the different trainings. I am happy to finally found a program that fits my needs.”

With three distinct payment agreements, the possibility of receiving a comprehensive preparation in doula certification has never been more affordable.

Yet at the same time, New Beginnings Doula Training takes a pragmatic (or practical) approach to the issues that face women during pregnancy and at childbirth. Our program is heavily research based and we teach our students how to use current research to create better informed decisions, always remembering that a doula is non-medical labor support.

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