The Doula Law Project is a collaboration of independent doulas and other interested persons to collect information regarding legal requirements and pending legislation that affects the work of doulas. The Doula Law Project is sponsored by New Beginnings Childbirth Services.

The findings of our efforts have been organized can be found on the doula laws section of our website.


The methodology for publication of our findings is as follows:

  • A contributor focuses on one region at a time. Searching via the Internet to locate resources regarding current laws and pending legislation for their particular region. The contributor attempts to answer all questions on the research questionnaire, including references to the online resources available to answer each question.
  • A second contributor focuses on the same region, doing their own research on the same questions.
  • A third individual, a moderator, works with the submitted information to merge and verify the correctness of all submitted information.
  • Each contributor and moderator will be given credit (name and an online link) for their participation.

Get Involved

Feel like you might have a couple of hours a month that you could spending doing research? Help contribute to this resources by volunteering.