What I love about being a doula/trainer

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I started thinking about what I like the most about my job tonight.  The life of a doula can be hard and haphazard, but worth it in ways that is hard to explain why.  I love helping women find out that they can make choices.  I love seeing them be brave and strong even when having to make difficult decisions.  Really, what it comes down to, is that I love to see the moms I work with become better than they thought they could be, or grow from working through painful or difficult choices.

I love teaching doulas because I see the same process.  I see women who feel they have a calling in their lives to serve other women and in so doing, they grow themselves.  I love sharing their hopes and dreams, and I love seeing how they learn to change just a small part of the world around them.

Thanks to all moms and doulas who work so hard and grow so much.  You are all an inspiration.

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