Expired Registration? How to Reactivate Your Account

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With the updates to the our online student coursework, a renewed interest in our online doula training program has caused former students to come back and give the training a second chance. If you have registered within the last three years, but have let your registration expire or become inactive, here’s some quick tips on how to resume where you left off without having to go back to the beginning.

Paid in Full, More Than Two Years Ago

If your account is now paid in full (because you paid full price up front or you completed all twelve months’ payments), but more than two years have passed since registration, your account will be marked as inactive if you have not completed the all course requirements. The expiration date for registrations paid in full is exactly two (2) years from the date of registration. (For example: if I registered for my training on August 21, 2013, my account would expire on August 21, 2015.)

To reactivate your account, you will need to order course extensions. Course extensions are available at a rate of $25/6 months.

Additional Questions about Course Extensions

What if my training has expired, can I still extend my training?

Yes. In the event that your registration has already expired, course extension become retroactive and are applied from the date that your training has expired.

For example: if I registered for my training on December 28, 2013, my training expired on December 28, 2015. Today is April 27, 2016 (four months after my course expired). If I ordered a 6-month extension today, it would start on December 28, 2015 (four months back) and be good through June 28, 2016 (two months from now).

What if my training expired more than six months ago, can I still sent extend?

Yes, you may continue your training by purchasing extensions to compensate for the time missed up to one year. If more than one year has passed since your active registration has expired, you will need re-register for the training program and pay all original and applicable fees.

For example: if nine months had passed since my registration had expired, I would need to pay for 2 course extensions. 2 extensions @ $25/6 month extension = $50/ 1 year extension. This would also give me three more months to complete my training.

How many times can I extend my training?

You are allowed to extend your training registration up to four times, or the equivalent of two years. This also allows you to double the period of time to complete your training from the original two year agreement up to four years for the cost of an additional $100.

Started a Payment Plan, Didn’t Complete Payment Agreement

If you registered for a manual or automatic payment plan, but failed to complete the original payment agreement, you may continue to make payments if you are within the original two-year window of your course registration. (Please contact Brent, the business manager, to make arrangements.) If your account is setup as a payment plan, and you registered more than two years ago, you may request an account payoff balance, to pay off your account in full. You will not be eligible to continue to make installment payment after the original two-year period ends.

Payment plans that are older than two years and that are NOT PAID IN FULL are NOT ELIGIBLE for course extensions. However, the account balance may be paid off in full, and subsequently become eligible for course extensions under the same terms as accounts paid in full as stated above.

As always, for specific questions regarding your account status, feel free to contact Brent, the business manager.

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