Help Wanted in Web Marketing and Product Development

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Immediate Need: Marketing Assistant

New Beginnings Childbirth Services is on the lookout for assistance in the areas of web marketing and product development. Someone with skills in web design, email marketing, and other related editorial tasks would be a good candidate. We are not immediately hiring for part-time or full-time employment positions, but we are interested in finding somebody to get involved in our day-to-day marketing tasks on a contract-basis only.

If you have a passion for the work of doulas and birth-related topics, and are a real stickler for details, we’d loved to see how you can help strengthen our current business operations. Please reach out to us via our contact page.

About Our Company

New Beginnings Childbirth Services, LLC, is a small mom and pop team that shares the full burden of business operations including but not limited to:  content and product development, course instruction/administration, product and web design and web development in a LAMP-like environment with WordPress as a backbone, web and social media market, book keeping, and many things inbetween.

New Beginnings’ flagship program, online doula training at an affordable price, has been built on the premise that women during childbirth in any given birth environment (hospital, birth center, or home) should be entitled to the holistic care that is available from a doula. Our aim is to make training accessible to as many prospective doulas as possible.

If you are passionate about the work of doulas and feel that you could help in accomplishing our mission of providing quality online doula training, we’d be interested in talking with you. Feel free to drop us a line.

Please keep these considerations in mind. We are not currently hiring for full or even part-time employment position, but are interested in developing contract relationships with those who we may consider for employment as a part of our team in the future. Thank you!

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