Business Updates – End of February 2015

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Birthing from Within/The Thinking Women's Guide - February Monthly IncentivesFebruary is quickly coming to a close, and we’ve been letting some of the extra things that we like to provide our students and community slip behind. So I felt a blog post was at least in order to give you a heads up on what’s going on at the New Beginnings’ home office.

Monthly Incentives

First off, we’re now at the end of February and we’ve still not issued our incentive for the month of January: medication reference cards. We are still working on them, but this has been a secondary priority in our workload after attending to actual course work assignments from our students. We are actually very close to having them completed, we’re just not quite there yet. So all 18 of our students that submitted request in January for the student incentive, we haven’t forgotten you, and when the cards are ready in PDF format, you will receive your copy!

Secondly, we haven’t actually announced our incentive for the month of February, but we thought we should since we’re almost at the end. As I had mentioned earlier in the month, we actually received a generous and unsolicited donation from Gabriel Sanders, page administrator for “New Dad’s Place” Facebook page. We decided that it would be best to apply that to our monthly incentive for our students. We’re offering two books this month as our student incentive, “Birthing from Within” and “The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth.” Both are books that Rachel has read and recommended. “Birthin from Within” is on our book shelf at home.

So if our recipient resides within the United States, we’ll actually ship both books to them. If we have to pay for international shipping fees, we’ll ask the recipient to pick one or the other. We also have the option available to offer both of these books as Kindle downloads if that is of interest. So get those assignments submitted and invoices paid (if you have any outstanding payments due)! Then remember to submit your student incentive request from the student section of the website.

The Registration Waiting List

Finally, with the spring time upon us, doula registrations have gone up dramatically, as we had anticipated from the previous years. Back in September, we implemented a registration cap of 20 new students a month. This month, we reached that limit after only three weeks! With registration closed until the beginning of March, we’ve implemented a waiting list for potential students to add their names to. After three days, we’ve already had ten names submitted for the waiting list.

Should we reach 20 names before the end of the month, the first 20 names will be allowed to sign up for registration at the beginning of March. Those who are given the opportunity to sign up will have 5 days to complete their registration. If a registration space goes unclaimed, the space will be opened up to additional persons waiting. If we don’t have 20 spaces reserved by the end of February, we will open the number of available spaces to general registration until the quota has been filled.  Should we exceed the 20 name limit at the beginning of March, we’ll hold on to those names until the beginning of April and so forth.

Where’s the Newsletter

Yes, while our newsletter subscriber list continues to grow (above 800 now!), we’ve failed to send out a newsletter for the past three months. Again, this has fallen under the class of nice-to-haves but is of a secondary priority. We’ve had a few people ask about it, and we do plan to continue offering a newsletter, but we have been waiting for some key projects that we’ve been working on to get wrapped up. For example, we’re wanting to announce the availability of our medication reference cards for doulas, when those are ready to go, but there nothing there yet to announce. So when we finally get all of our ducks in a row, we’ll have a newsletter to let you know we’ve done so. In the mean time, just keep checking the blog posts and Facebook feeds to see if we’re still alive, if you were concerned about that!

A Doula Shopping Cart

One of our bigger priorities from a business perspective has been the development and launching of  the Doula Shop at New Beginnings, a place to offer affordable goods for doulas and their clients. We’ve had some setbacks and legal issues getting product ready to sell online, but we see a huge opportunity for good here in providing doulas with some of the basic supplies and resources to assist them in their work.

Our current products include our basic doula kits and informational handouts to help clients understand different aspects of the birthing process. We also are offering free versions of these handouts with the New Beginnings logo branded on them. In the future, we hope to offer print versions of some of our products,  including the much anticipated medication reference cards. We also hope to provide webinars and other digital tools in the future.

So that’s where we’re at for the moment. We hope to have more good news to share with you soon. To our students, keep up the good work.

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  1. jonny diane
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    Keep up the good work!

  2. Blanca
    | Reply

    i would like to purchase the two books please.
    How much $?
    shipping /no shpping$? Live in L. A.
    Also,…guys i need help. I’m reading but, black ink on white pages ain’t no action.
    is there a womans/doula group out here you all can recommend?
    I really need to get a hop skip & a jump?

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