Birth Doula Training Starter Kit

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Birth Doula Training Starter Kit - Only $20New Beginning Doula Training now offer access to our course training materials without registering for our training program. Up until recently, the manuals that we had prepared as a part of our exclusively online training program had only been available for those who register for the program. Now, for the nominal fee of $20, anyone can purchase and download the first part of our training program without the commitment to pay for the rest of the course costs.

There were several trends that we had observed with our registered students that prompted us to take this action. Many students appeared to be interested in the program, but not quite ready to commit to the time schedule required to complete the training. By allowing access to the course materials in a one-time purchase before registering for the course, this allows prospective students a more in-depth look at our training program. We would even encourage prospective students to complete one or more of the assignments before registration to determine if the learning style and format will work for them.

The request for access to our training materials for our certification program — without having to register — actually first came in the form of an expectant father looking for more information on how to support his wife in her pregnancy. We’ve had several other requests since then. Most recently, we’ve also had a mother looking for access to the materials for her teen-age daughter to preview the course in a home school setting before committing to the cost of registration.

Waiting to Start Training

With our monthly student quota, we currently allow up to 20 students at a time into our program. Another compelling reason to offer the training materials for purchase before registration is to allow an opportunity to purchase and review the training materials for those that are waiting to start training. This also affords prospective students the chance to get started with some of the preliminary assignments.

Changes to Program Policies

As a result of our making available the starter course materials, we’ve had to make some changes to policies that we have had surrounding other parts of the program, the biggest change being the end of the early-finish option for students working to get through the program (more details below).  We also have done away with our waiting list during the busier months of the year. Now instead of waiting to gain access to the materials, prospective students may purchase materials at any time, even if our enrollment window is close for the current month. Registration will re-open the following month on the first business day of the month and will be made available to first 20 students on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Details on Early-Finish Option End of Life

The hope with our early-finish option was that we would see a notable increase in students completing their training within the first year of training, but such did not happen. While we did have a few that did qualify for incentive, we felt that it wasn’t enough to keep the practice in place.

Now with the availability of the Starter Kit course materials before registration, a student could theoretically get halfway through their training before registering for the course. The obvious financial disadvantage that this would create was another reason for discontinuing the early-finish option. Additionally, with our training already being made available at a fraction of what other programs charge for certification, to require all students to pay full price for their training is another reason for the change.

The early-finish option was done away at the beginning of October (Friday, October 2, 2015). Students who registered before that date will still qualify for the early-finish option. Those who registered after that date will be required to pay the full cost of their training and complete all 12 months’ payments before receiving their certification. Those that are signed up on monthly payment plans, and that are needing to pay off the balance of their training cost before receiving certification, can at any time (up until the final month’s payment) request a payoff statement and save by paying off the outstanding balance in full. Please contact us directly for more information regarding the early payoff option.

Where to Purchase

The Birth Doula Training Starter Kit is available for $20 USD from our doula shop.


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