Doula Student Presentation from Saudi Arabia

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Doula Presentation by Student in Saudi Arabia

There’s two things that are worthy of pointing out from a recent email we received from one of our doula students out of Saudi Arabia. First, it’s just exciting for us to think that such a small and humble training program has the power to reach to the far ends of the earth in promoting better birth choices for women. Second, and perhaps more importantly, we receive from time to time inquiries from students and prospective  students about finding opportunities for work in their small, little communities.  As the student email below hopefully will illustrate, we think that if you can be a doula in  Saudi Arabia, it seems that similar principles could be applied to becoming a doula and building up a client base anywhere in the world.

I did my presentation yesterday! I live in a small, gated compound in Saudi Arabia so finding the right forum to do my presentation was a bit tough. In my previous career I was doing a lot of community organizing, so I figured it makes sense to put together a monthly event for pregnant and new parents as non-medical resources for them here are pretty non-existent. So, half my presentation was about the new group and the other half was about the role of a doula. Only 8 people came, but they were all very excited and supportive.
Thanks for this opportunity! It was a fun project, and I think that it got some new people interested in doulas!

Next, this is a completed copy of the survey/questionnaire that was prepared as a part of the class and was also a required assignment for our doula training course. It’s not overly complicated and provides some valuable marketing feedback for the student on her presentation and potential work as a doula. Notice that it’s also branded at the top with the student’s business logo.

Doula Presentation Survey from Saudi Arabia

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