Coming Soon: Postpartum Doula Training

(Last Updated: 14 December 2018)

Development Timeline


  • Course materials drafted for postpartum doula training
  • Development group launched for postpartum training


  • Assessment of third-party LMS’s (learning management system)
  • Decision to keep proprietary software solution in-house
  • Coding work on software solution for managing multiple courses


  • Coding work begins on new proprietary LMS software for multiple certificates.
  • Coding work also begins on network-wide software upgrades. This will connect our doula training with our new childbirth library service.


Current Status

Active development on our proprietary LMS software is currently paused while we are working on core network code improvements that will help to expedite development of the LMS-specific code base.


Expected Completion Date

Spring 2019


Waiting List: Postpartum Doula Training

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