7-Week Exercise Guide to a Better Birth
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In my doula course, I teach specific exercises to help prepare for an easier birth.  These exercises are designed to increase the strength and function of the muscles utilized in birth and to optimize the birthing space.  To help with our … Read More

Smoothie for Postpartum and Lactation
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During pregnancy, our bodies use a lot of nutrients that need to be bulked up on or replenished after birth. Sometimes this can be a daunting task as a new mom adjusting to a new baby and trying to rearrange … Read More

Squatting for a Better Birth
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I was searching on the Internet for pictures on how to do a squat during pregnancy and came up with a lot of good information on why we should squat, but I was disappointed on the amount of squats that … Read More

Pregnancy Exercises to help lower back pain
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This is a post mainly for those who are wanting to help me do a little bit of “research” on how to help lower back pain and sciatic nerve pain.  For others who are interested, though, you are welcome to … Read More

Being Healthy throughout the year
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While these pages are mostly devoted to doula information, I found this on Katy Bowman’s site and thought it was a great way to end the year.  And doula’s do after all, affect the health of a woman both emotionally … Read More