Nutrition During Pregnancy – Working with Overweight Mothers
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One of our students (now an alumnus) shared some insightful perspectives a couple of months back on how to help mothers who struggle with weight gain during pregnancy. This was in response to an assignment on nutrition from the childbirth … Read More

Student Response: Community Baby Shower Event
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At the end of unit I in the main course for our doula certification program, we ask students to give a presentation in their local community that discusses the role of the doula during labor and delivery. S. Addison of … Read More

Facebook Group Snapshot: Working with Medical Professionals
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In case you missed it, we wanted to highlight a post from the Facebook group for alumni and students of New Beginnings Doula Training. This particular post illustrated one of our core objectives at New Beginnings – to bridge the … Read More

Student Response: Why I Choose to Become a Doula
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Here is a unique student response to one of our course assignments where we discuss what encouraged the student to pursue their interest in doula training: I was a ‘young mum.’ I fell pregnant at 18 and had my son … Read More

Doula Student Presentation from Saudi Arabia
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There’s two things that are worthy of pointing out from a recent email we received from one of our doula students out of Saudi Arabia. First, it’s just exciting for us to think that such a small and humble training … Read More

Student Response: The Importance of Labor Support
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Here’s another excerpt from one of the homework assignment that I ask the students to complete. I reprint it here with the student’s permission. Excellent response! “When I was pregnant with my daughter, I desperately wanted a doula (a person … Read More

Why I Care about Labor Support as a Doula – A Student Response
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Here’s another one:) “I have been blessed to have given birth to 5 amazing children! Each one a different journey, but all of them life changing and rewarding. Because of this, I am passionate about the process of birth, recognizing … Read More

What a Doula Can Do – A Student’s Prospective
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Another great response from a student. Love these responses! “I feel that every women has the right to be supported throughout all phases of the birth process.

Why I Want to Be a Doula – A NB Student’s Perspective
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I love to see the responses from my students for this assignment. They are usually very personal and beautiful, in my opinion. So, I wanted to share some here. (I did get permission first:)).

Theresa’s Insights after Course Completion
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Theresa recently completed the New Beginnings Doula Training course. She shared her experience going through the certification process with a potential student.  I’ve reprinted her response here for others to read.  Thanks again, Theresa! I LOVED the training with NB. … Read More

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