How to Develop a Doula On-call Schedule
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The one question I hear most from Doulas starting out in the industry is: How to be on-call for a client? If someone has never been on an on-call schedule before for employment, this can seem like a daunting and scary element of being a birth doula. Rest assured, there are many options for on-call doula work and I want to talk about each type, their benefits and drawbacks.

Providing Labor Support: Pain vs Suffering
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What we find, is that while pain may be there for many labors, not everyone experiences suffering who feel pain.

How a doula can deal with negative emotions
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We know that a quality doula will provide support for her client in whatever choices she makes.  Whether or not she agrees with those decisions should not affect her care. That said, it is not uncommon for negative emotions to arise in connection with a choice her client makes, either towards her client or the care providers.

Abortion Resources
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At New Beginnings Doula Training we try to stay neutral when it comes to many topics. The overturning of Roe Vs. Wade is one that is a hot topic, causing many arguments, but we also see the need to provide … Read More

How to keep swelling down during pregnancy
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When you are pregnant, your body produces 1250 mL more blood volume than before you are pregnant.   You are also obviously gaining weight  All that tends to push fluids out of our blood vessels (where they belong) and into … Read More

Midwifery Model of Care
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The midwifery model of care and the medical model of care are two very different ways of looking at birth.  They both hold a set of theories and beliefs that inform care during birth.  This video discusses those differences for … Read More

Quit smoking during pregnancy-making the choice, step 1
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Making a choice.  This may seem like a pretty obvious step, but it can also be hard to do: making the decision to actually stop smoking is the first step you need to take, and can be hard to find … Read More

Common Discomforts During Pregnancy-
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Pregnancy can be uncomfortable, and often women wonder if the discomforts they feel are normal or if there is something they can do about them.  While there usually isn’t a cure, it helps to know what to expect. New Beginnings … Read More

How women make decisions during labor and birth
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As doulas, it is important that we understand why women make the decisions they do.  Understanding how women make decisions during labor and birth helps us to move away from our own biases during birth, and move into the world … Read More

The Rise of the Mama Doulas — Part 1
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A New Trend As a certification agency, New Beginnings noticed a new trend rise in the birth world when Covid came around. We affectionately called them “Mama Doulas”. Essentially, they were mothers kept from attending their grown daughter’s birth because … Read More

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